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Country: Germany
Languages: German, English
Member since: 19 November 2022
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I'm 36 years old and live with my daughter and two cute cats. I love reading (fantasy & historical novels), writing postcards, video games, sewing and being outdoors.

If you want to check my collection (to avoid duplicates) you can use this link:

As I'm really interested in the beauty all across the globe, culture and history, I'd be very happy to receive postcards showing what is special or typical about your city/ region/ country.

I’d be very glad, if you explain them a little (at least write the name of what I’m seeing on the card, if it’s not already printed on. I like to google the places I get, which is quite hard without a clue what is shown on the postcard).

Here are some ideas:
★★★ UNESCO World Heritage Sites (my favourite collection)
★★★ Greetings from..
★★★ World Travel series
★★★ country flags, US state flags
★★★ pictorial maps (whole country or US states)
★★☆ modern touristic cards of your country (buildings, landscape, local food, indigenous people etc.)
★★☆ animals (photos in their natural environment) living in your country

⚠️ Only send them from the country of their origin, please! ⚠️

*. · ° ▪ ° · .*
Of course I’m not only interested in touristic cards, maybe you don’t like those or you don’t have any?

Here are some more ideas:
★★★ any card from my favourites:
★★★ Disney, especially Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) and all characters related to the “Duck’s”
★★★ Tim Burton's Corpse Bride & Nightmare before Christmas
★★★ Darth Vader & Son + Vader's Little Princess cartoons
★★★ handmade postcards (with love) - no folded cards please
★★☆ legends, tales (e.g. Haunted Canada series)
★★☆ Squirrels (photo)
★★☆ animal illustrations/ drawings
★★☆ video games, sci-fi / fantasy series or movies (illustration, not film frame)
★★☆ fairy tales

Ad/ free cards are as welcome as regular bought cards if they match my interests. I prefer my cards handwritten, dated and stamped (no envelope). If you can't find a matching card, don't hesitate to send me any other card you'd like.

You love being creative on the backside? Great! Drawings, masking tapes, stickers, hand lettering - I enjoy it all. You don't like to decorate? Nevermind, I enjoy longer messages, too!

Cursive writing is welcome (including Sütterlin).
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